A web app I’ve been working on to create a new way to decide where to eat with friends. It’s kind of like tinder but for food.

What is it?

Yumz is an idea I had to make it easier to decide where to eat with friends. How often have you been with friends, throwing out restaurant ideas, only to have them shot down by one person or another. Yumz is here to fix that.

Yumz lets users select the types of food they are craving and then generates a list of restaurants to choose from. The list is shared with other members of the group so that they can decide whether they like or dislike the option. In the end the restaurant with the most likes will be the victor.

Other Features

Yumz also lets you enter your own recipes to share with friends. Recipes follow strict guidelines to makes sure the appropriate information is provided for each. These guidelines are automated to make it easier for the user and include things such as an automatic calorie counter.

Not Quiet There

Yumz is still under heavy development and so many of these features are yet to come. These screen shots are the current layout that may change by the time it is fully up and running.

A liked restaurant

Entering criteria

The top 3 choices

Blank recipe card

Current recipes