Adding Netlify CMS to your VuePress website

Another great feature of Netlify is there Content Management System. This allows you to edit your website’s posts without the need of a git account, from anywhere through the website’s admin page, and with more than the typical text editor. Using Netlify’s CMS is currently not a few button click process but it is still very straight forward. These are the steps needed to get Netlify’s CMS running on your jpgage.

Getting started with VuePress

Ever since I started looking at web development, I’ve had a thing for static site generators. They are a great way to get a simple website up and running. I’ve used many of the currently available generators: Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo. I’m always trying to learn the different features and why one is better than the other. A new player has entered the SSG scene, VuePress. VuePress is built using the up and coming javascript framework Vue.

Hosting with Netlify

I love GitLab pages. Being able to host a simple website with the same service I use for code makes managing services a lot more convenient. Of course with everything we use there are always alternatives. This post talks about a static site hosting alternative called Netlify. Hosting with Netlify Netlify offers many of the same features as GitHub pages but, since static site hosting is their primary service, they throw in a few added features.

Hosting on GitLab Pages

I love using GitLab for all of my source control needs. You can imagine how happy I was to discover that the same service could be used to create a simple website for a project portfolio. Here is the short process needed to get your own static website up and running. Setting up your GitLab repository The first step to host a website from a git repository is to of course create the repository.

Creating a Hugo website

When my sister first asked me for help with her website, I didn’t have much to say. I was going to school for embedded engineering and web development was a completely different beast. I looked through her server at the code but I could tell most of it was generated using tools in which I hadn’t used anything remotely similar. I wasn’t much able to help much but I got an idea of the issue she was running into with her site: speed, nonresponsive, and expensive.


A web app I’ve been working on to create a new way to decide where to eat with friends. It’s kind of like tinder but for food. What is it? Yumz is an idea I had to make it easier to decide where to eat with friends. How often have you been with friends, throwing out restaurant ideas, only to have them shot down by one person or another. Yumz is here to fix that.