Heater Controller

A simple bang-bang controller on a PIC32 microcontroller. One of the labs for my Microprocessor Based System Design class involved making a simple bang-bang controller. Our embedded system was set up to mimic the typical heater system found within a home. The system was able to increase the heat by running current through a 1⁄4 watt resister. When the heater got above the desired range, the current to the resister would be shut off.

PIC32 Breakout Board

A breakout board created in my Microprocessor Based System Design class for a PIC32 microcontroller. The board was a semester long project in which each student designed a board layout. The class then voted on the layout they liked the most and the winning layout was sent to a board house to have one made for each student. Overview We first breadboarded the basic layout needed to run the PIC32 microcontroller in a previous lab.

Gesture Control Mouse Input

The project for my Sophomore Design class at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. For our semester long project, my group decided to make a wearable device that could translate hand gestures into mouse input for a computer. We nicknamed the device “The BAND” as an acronym of the involved members first names. Reading Hand Gestures To read the user’s hand position, we used an electromyography (EMG) sensor attached to the forearm with silver coated fabric and conductive gel.

Wireless Electricity

The final project for my Circuits II class. Our task was to come up with a project that could be done as a if it were a lab exercise. We could use any equipment within the lab and would write up the process as if it were an exercise received from the professor. Wireless electricity always interested me. Being able to connect a device for power without any wires makes the whole process seem like something from a sci-fi film.